What's it about?

Although the topic of the film may be considered advanced, it is intended for a novice audience.
Starting with the construction of a Mobius strip, Bugbottle builds a visual vocabulary of methods for manipulating surfaces.
Is it possible to enclose an ant inside of a bottle with no holes or gaps in such a way that the ant is able to simply walk out?
As strange as this may sound, there are actually several ways to accomplish this.
Bugbottle is a short film that explores the possibilities of structures that extend beyond our traditional three-dimensional space.
As the story progresses, we see the construction of a Klein bottle, a crosscap, and a Boy's surface: three structures that have the strange property of being closed surfaces with no holes and which have an inside that merges with the outside.
Bugbottle challenges the viewer to think in new ways by creating something beautiful out of the seemingly impossible.

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